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My client still in junior high school. but already pregnant outside of marriage. and her boyfriend did not want to take responsibility.
She must give birth to children, and out of school for one year. Then go back to school again next year. Hopefully her son was born safely. and she could return to school.

This is all because of infinite freedom. having sex outside marriage. and the beginning is, love is outrageous

I'm not their mother
I'm not their parent
but I want to help them. how to feel love. and protect themselves from sex relationships outside marriage.
I created a free service in a social media, so that they would share their stories with me. with a free, confidential, and are not bothered by a sense of shame.

And reality. their lives happy, but one side, they seek the truth in the dark. they are not yet grown, but wanted to try everything.

They should get more extra moral education. rather than sex education.

I do not want their freedom, will be a time bomb that will destroy their future.

Do you have any ideas to solve something like this?
please share here ^____^
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